Halder Institute

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Correspondence / Postal Courses


The correspondence course is the best substitute for regular attendance at classes. Here, you can plan your own programme of study. There is no time limit within which you are required to complete the entire course; you can set your own pace. It is, of course, desirable to chalk out a time-table of study for yourself and adhere to it strictly in order to complete as quickly as possible your course in any particular subject. Our Institution also provides postal coaching to students who are unable to attend our regular classes. Our correspondence course is, in fact, a personal tuition. Every student on enrolment is kept under the charge of a professor who personally attends to his needs and helps overcome his difficulties. Our lectures which have been prepared up-to-date and comprehensive are sent to every student periodically with necessary instructions for answers. With subsequent lots correct answers are supplied for self-assessment. In case of difficulties, candidates can write to the Institute for clarifications. Every student, on admission, is assigned a student number. This number should always be quoted in all correspondences with the institution.

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